Top 6 impressive PC Case Mods

While most of us plod along with our regular Dells and HP machines, the modders are a different breed altogether. Sometimes come up with obscene specifications for their machines. Sometimes they build their computers as teddy bears; sometimes as liquid-immersed creations that are two parts fish tank, one part refrigerator. But no matter what the theme, you can bet that case mods are going to be just a bit more creative than your average vendor system.

The Toaster PC

Adam Bertram's classic modification of a desktop system into an actual toaster won’t give you perfectly browned bread in the morning, but it does offer a great way to hide a kitchen PC in plain sight.

The specs aren't particularly impressive--the system is built around a VIA M9000 motherboard, and offers 40GB of storage and 512MB of RAM. But it also offers an internal TV tuner, a DVD drive, and a wireless network card to keep cable clutter to a minimum. You won't get much heavy lifting done, but the Toaster PC is a novel approach to fitting a low-power, wireless computer into a tight space.

LegoMan666's Mineral Oil PC

[H]ardForum user legoman666 has opted to dunk his red-themed system into a giant vat of the liquid in an effort to achieve a combination of wicked cooling and killer aesthetics on his desk.

Photo: legoman666, at [H]ard|Forum

zAAm's Weighted Companion Cube

The end result offers a pair of ATI Radeon 5850 graphics cards and a Core i7-860 CPU in a setup that barely breaks 65 degrees Centigrade when operating at peak levels--leaving quite a bit of room for overclocking.

Tributes to video games are always popular in the case-modding community. In honor of the recent release of a teaser trailer for the much-anticipated Portal 2 game, it’s only fitting that we feature this custom creation by user zAAm.

Not only is it a fully accurate recreation of Portal’s best supporting character, the Weighted Companion Cube, but it also comes in two different LED flavors to fit your mood: red and blue!
Details: Tech Power Up

CustomPCMAX's Project Panzerbox

Let it not be said that a PC can’t function as a desktop system and as a way to fend off hordes of invading supernatural enemies.

This killer (literally) chassis from CustomPCMAX has been designed in homage to the remake of the classic first-person shooter, Wolfenstein 3D. It's a lovingly crafted endeavor, with impressive detail right down to the bullet-shaped thumbscrews and the machine's peripherals.
Photo by:CustomPCMax

Saibot's PocketBike i7

Extreme Overclocking forum user Saibot’s faithful recreation of a desktop system built within a miniature motorcycle's frame is the ultimate mashup of speed and processing power.

Packed inside the 40-inch long "PocketBike i7" is a Core-i7 920 processor, a 1TB hard drive, and an Evga 9800 GTX graphics card--and "lots of lights." Now, if only there were a way to get your work done and (legally) cruise about town…
Photo: Saibot, at Extreme Overclocking 

Karam's Woodbox

There’s a soft spot in our hearts for anyone who fashions a unique, beautiful system out of one of nature’s most basic elements: wood.

Karam has done just that, recreating a working system in what looks like a minimalistic, 1940s-style radio. The power supply is external, which helps to keep the unit's size small while adding to the home-appliance motif. Simple and elegant…but not easy!
Photo: Karam, at Tech Power Up

via: Pcworld

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